Saudi Paint Co Ltd             شركة الدهانات السعودية المحدودة

Since 1975                                                                      منذ 1975

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President Speech

Paintco was established in 1975 and has been performing its pioneer role of contribution in the development of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia , via extended efforts , participation in the vital projects and strong presence whenever high quality is required.  Since its inception (1975), Paintco adopted the basic belief that there is no limit for its ambition. Our end point is significantly determined at the full satisfaction of our customers.  Success is not a coincidence, and diversification of paintco to cover an exten-sive range of products in decorative, industrial, wood coatings, aerosol products and inks reflects its insistence to be always at the top. Paintco oriented its investment from the beginning towards technical minds. We can declare proudly that more than twenty qualified chemists operating the different section, more than fifty technicians, beside 100 sales executives with their managers distributed all through the kingdom, their devotion is beyond your expectations. This simply explains our dominance. This prosperous history and persistence would not have been achieved, unless there was a back up from a qualified team work, aware of their leading position and their main focus on success. 

About Us

Saudi Paint Co Ltd. A pillar of the Saudi economy and one of the biggest national industrial companies of tangible contribution. A company that has grown up under the leadership of Sons of the homeland and qualified teamwork, competing with itself to occupy the paramount in paint manufacturing. The Company owns two factories in the industrial areas in Riyadh (Phase I &II ) with total installed capacity of 1000000 Tons / Annum. The company is recognized for its products brands namely Paintco & Texas.

Quality Policy

Saudi Paint Co Ltd. Paintco  is committed to quality and services consistent to national and international standards through continual upgrading of processes and technology to the entire satisfaction of its customers.

Quality Management

Paintco Commitment to continuous reinvestment programs into proprietary equipments, advanced instruments and computerized colour matching assures how stringently we bond to quality. Our highly qualified team research chemists, engineers and technicians serve a diverse range of products supports the development, innovation and back up our name in the market. Paintco is ISO 9001/2008 certified company, as an additional commitment towards quality. Paintco is SASO certified since 1995. To achieve objectives, Paintco management involves both quality management and quality control in the system. For corrective downstream processes, well quipped lab was maintained to provide the required confidence. For preventive upstream processes, a qualified quality management team is dedicated to fulfill quality requirements. Due to the expansion of our market, the demand for higher standards of product quality, consistency, proper delivery and post-sales services, a technical service department, backed up by the expertise of our R&D resources has been introduced to ensure the highest quality response to achieve the customers’ satisfaction.

Decorative Paints

It was not a mer incident, the compliance of Paintco starting 1975 with the sally of Saudi Arabia evolutional growth from then on Paintco formulated and developed decorative paints of every type, for replenishment, reconditioning new school projects and renewal of life aesthetic value. Since the beginning and till today, Paintco showed its trait and gained the trust of customers, supplying to the market all types of conventional emulsion paint and high performance acrylic based paint, beside all alkyd based paints and different types of textures. Products suit all spectra of substrates. 

The larboard of Paintco marched on to satisfy its insatiable desire for innovation. Thus new range of antique paints were developed as Chic Glaze, Marble, Pearl finishes and scores of others. The capacity of decorative section drove to 30000 tons paints/ year to satisfy the increasing demands of our clients and the mutual trust with engineers of Private and governmental projects all over the kingdom. This progression is due to the consistency in quality and insistency on superiority.

Special Paints

Paintco Pentomastic Gold is an special pure acrylic based product which exhibits splendid performance in interior applications.
Pentomastic gold also offers resistance against bacterial and fungal growth on interior walls and is approved by IMSL lab (U.K) Industrial microbiological service ltd.

Paintco Intumescent  is a high performance (solvent and water based) prottion system specially developed  to provide enhanced fire  resistance to structural steel  and woods which requires two hours protection. It is based on special binder combined with highly efficient intumescent pigments and fillers which provide the optimum resistance to fire  spread (propagation). This unique combination of resin and pigments enables the coating to minimize flame spread in the event of a fire  thus restricting the speed at which the fire can be spread.
Resistance to structural steel  and woods which requires two hours protection. It is based on special binder combined with highly efficient intumescent pigments and fillers which provide the optimum resistance to fire  spread (propagation). This unique combination of resin and pigments enables the coating to minimize flame spread in the event of a fire  thus restricting the speed at which the fire can be spread.

Paintco Thermo Profile  is  waterproof and thermal shield paint produced from special microspheres which has low thermal conductivity with special binder which has good weather ability.

Paintco Anticarbonation is outstanding waterborne . it has been formulated to confer long term protective and decorative properties to concrete and masonry surfaces . its is idea for interior and exterior application . it can be used for new and  existing concrete and masonry structures require protection from water . it has excellent weather resistance properties, protects substrates from carbonation.

Wood Coatings

Paintco endeavors to satisfy particular objectives and develop new products to service the wood coatings sectors to provide the protection, conservation of Saudi historical hertiage and add a beauty touch to the furniture industry. Under this generic denomination a wide range of products is produced, sanding sealer, primers, putties and top coats based on high performance polyurethanes and U.V curable products “Epoxy acrylate based” as a unique producer in Kingdom, under the auspice of the famous specialized wood coatings company in Europe (Salchi), which is now acquired by BASF international group. Such know-how added to paintco another dimension of diominon and perfection. Hence this direction tallies with the general policy of the kingdom towards encouraging industrial joint-ventures and collaborations specially with renowned international companies, which as a result permits the transfer of modern technologies in Saudi industrial field.  

This section also provides the customers all their needs of N.C products for wood applications, supported by well equipped R & D lab, with instruments and machines those are the latest in wood coatings technology. Long expertise team with fully aware of market’s needs at your disposal to provide technical advice and guidance.

Industrial Protective Paints

Paintco leadership is aware of significance and devlopment of the industrial sector in the kingdom. accordingly, Paintco works diligently in keeping pace with the renaissance, consequently new products and systems emanated as epoxies, poly urethanes, road marking, stoving, heat resistant, fire retardant paints.. roller coating and special purpose type paints FDA approval. 


As a part of Paintco policy to encompass every conceivable paints segment “AEROSOL” was born gigantic from its first day, the section was advent with 10 M cans/annum installed capacity. the section was found as a result of hybrid notion between Paintco expertise management and Aerofill know-how in marketing needs. 

Since 2001 and till now, Paintco have introduced to the Kingdom and Gulf market, her new baby, free of defects, which adds to its singularity additional dimensions and enables the Saudi market to tear off the bill of importing such type of products. 

Acrylic based paints of all colours, high resistance to enviromental conditions, eco-friendly, easy to use and at your disposal. Other products are available as fluorescent paints, dashboard cleaner, lubricant oil and car refinishing .... Still more surprises on the way ....


Paintco printing inks (PPI) was a collaboration technology between BASF Drucksystem GmbH and Paintco Ltd. PPI has an access to all BASF centers of excellence in research and development, which are located in Germany, France, Italy, U.K and various development centers throughout the world. X-sys print solutions is the new amalgmation between AKZO NOBLE inks and BASF inks (May 2005), rates this new merge the first rank in inks companies in Europe and third in the world, is a booster to PPI technical standards.

PPI started operation in the year 2002 after key personnel received training at BASF various development centers all over Europe and other BASF facilities world wide. A detalied market survey was conducted and the marketing strategy was defined. At the same time, a new plant was being constructed along with new production machines and lab. Equipments (the latest in inks technology), were imported from Europe.  

The mid of the year 2004 witnessed the commencing of the new machines. PPI has continuously followed a policy of KIAZEN and constantly striving to raise the bar in terms of its services, products and technology, by offering products that are in line and in most cases exceeding the customers’ expectations which pushed the annual production to 100 tons/month both inks and solvents. PPI range of products covers liquid ink (solvent & water based), U.V curable, web offest, heat set and cold set, silk screen, in endeavors to grow organically and through continous innovation.  

At year of 2008, Paintco had started its PPI (Paintco printing Inks) production based on its own capabilities and qualified technical staff after canceling the Licence from Flint group and since that date we are using oue own formulation and technology completely.

Our Projects

The formulation of Paintco products offer the consultants many possibilities, which maintained the ideal balance between our goals and our client’s expectations. Our technical service department, our profound chemistry knowledge, and our long experience and awareness of Saudi market offer our costumers great latitude for selection of systems. Our Experience over several decades, multimillion satisfied consumers and concrete professionalism in coatings, made Paintco the proven reference of quality. We gained, thanks to performance, the trust of many big projects in the kingdom and approval of the projects engineers from the beginning such examples as MODA, Ministry of education (Girls schools), Boy’s schools , Riyadh water tank, SCECCO, and so many... others difficult list out.